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Hi! I’m Nhat Nguyen

Hi! I’m Nhat Nguyen

My name is Nhat Nguyen, and I am a senior at the University of Kansas, majoring in Computer Science. My areas of interest include cybersecurity and networking, and I am committed to pursuing a career in these fields.

I have a unique background, having only recently immigrated to the United States. Despite the challenges I faced in adjusting to a new culture and environment, I am proud to have persevered and attained my current academic standing.

In addition to my studies, I engage in various activities such as building personal computers and servers. I am also currently working on a personal project, which involves the construction of a server and type 1 virtual machine. My progression will be documented and posted as blogs on this site.

I am eager to continue my professional development and make a meaningful contribution to the field of computer science.

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